Friday, July 31, 2009

Could today be the day?

Today we might finally be filed for a court date. We aren't holding our breath. There is one item of paperwork that is needed from the orphanage that our children came from and it has to be seen and signed by 1 or 2 different government departments. It is very frustrating how long this has taken. We were told several times in the last month that all the needed papers were in order and that they would file for a court date. Then they would tell us, but we still need this other paper. AAAAAAAHHHHHHH.

Several years ago I was in an opera called the Consul by Menotti. I can't remember where it was set, but the family was trying to escape the oppression they were living under. My part, the husband, was part of the resistance and ended up getting killed. His wife was trying to get permission for herself, her baby, and her mother-in-law to leave the country. Every day she would go to the consulate. Every day she would fill out more paperwork. Then one day she just loses it. The consulate secretary gives her yet more forms to fill out. The frustrated and broken woman breaks into this huge, long aria screaming about papers, papers, papers. It is sooooo powerful.

While our situation is certainly not as precarious as the family in the Consul, I can relate to the seemingly unending mound of papers that one must provide and then to be told - "oh, there is one more" AAAAAHHHHHHH!

I am thankful that both our country and Ethiopia are doing everything they can to protect both the children, the children's birth families, and the adoptive families. I am also thankful for God's grace and goodness. This additional piece of paperwork didn't take him by surprise. He knows exactly when the best day for our court date is.

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