Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Loving our full family

We are tired and each day is full of challenges, but we are loving the fullness of our family. Ayana and Siqare are adjusting amazingly well. Their English is growing very quickly. Communication is great. The biggest adjustment so far has been Ayana learning to be a younger sibling again. At the care center he was one of the oldest kids for almost 7 months. Now there are bigger kids who get to do things that he doesn't. It isn't a huge issue, but that is where we are seeing the most struggles - that and when Siqare wants a musi(banana) and we are all out.

The doctor thought both loook really healthy and didn't see any long term affects of Siqare's malnutrition. He said with plenty of calories her belly will go away gradually. I wished the same could be said for me.

Our bio kids have been amazing. Certainly, they have had their moments of difficulty with the changes, but they have stepped up in ways I would have never imagined. Caitlin does S's hair. Caleb allows both A & S to crawl all over him. And Cameron loves teaching and helping them both with new things. Even better is the maturing that they have all done in the last month. Taking them with us was the exact right decision for them and us. They learned and grew so much through our experience there - especially in seeing so directly the work God did in providing the visas. They also connected in very special ways with us and with A & S because of our time there.

What an amazing time in our family's growth. I know there will be difficulties ahead, but am enjoying the honeymoon. I am also resting in the peace of knowing that we serve an awesome and loving God.


  1. I'm praising God again that your whole family was able to go to Ethiopia! Kate

  2. I just read your story ... amazing! Before I got all mixed up in the Pakistan mess, I travelled to Ethiopia. I love seeing your pictures. We will have to trade photos...I have a lot of photos of orphans and orphanages from my trip there.
    Thanks for your comments on Alyssa's blog!