Saturday, October 24, 2009

21 days until we travel

Wow! So much has happened since last week. We are getting so excited. We took the plunge and purchased our airline tickets for all five of us going and seven of us coming. The kids on this end were looking at the plane diagrams - making sure there were movies available - looking at the guest house website.

We have also completed Ayana and Sikuare's room - which has become packing central. We have started to sort through clothes for them and donations for the care center. We will be getting the luggage out soon and hopefully producing a packing list, too.

One of the surprises (it shouldn't have been) this week has been the pummeling we have received from Satan. We have taken this journey out of faith in God's plan for us. I think we expected things to be difficult until Ayana and Sikuare were officially ours, but weren't expecting anything on the other side. We so covet your prayers and at this point we especially ask you to pray for our spiritual protection. Without going into details, we found ourselves in the middle of a battle on several levels, before we even knew what was happening. The battle from the outside is doing damage on the inside of our family. I am praying that our relationships with God would take priority and that He would heal and grow the relationships in our family through this. While we are seeking to grow our family both in number and in the grace of God, Satan is seeking to destroy it.

We give God the praise for the great and wonderful things he has done. May our lives glorify him through this. Often we our told how wonderful we are for doing this - for giving these children hope. Sometimes I have been tempted to take the credit. But, after this last week I can see even more clearly that without his plan and his guidance and his strength and his peace, comfort, love, grace . . . we would have never gotten to this point. Praise the Lord!!!

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