Monday, October 12, 2009

3 days until court.

Wow! The time has really gotten away from me. Thursday, October 15th is the big day. If everything is in place, we will grow from a family of 5 to a family of 7. We are excited, but cautious. The biggest issue, that we know of, is that on the day of court one of the parents has to be in the courtroom to confirm that they truly have relinquished their parental rights. This family is from a village about 8 hours away from the capital. So, we are praying - that God's will will be done. If it is in his plan, all of the pieces will be in place for the adoption to be final this week. If not, then we continue as we can.

This weekend was extremely productive as far as preparations go. The house is completely painted - the last room to be finished was our daughter, Caitlin's room - bright green with purple curtains. It turned out sooo well. The boys bunkbeds are assembled and the room for our 2 little ones is almost ready for their arrival.

God is good. This entire experience, from our start with domestic adoption to our most likely end in international adoption, has been a difficult, yet incredible journey. When we started this journey the youngest of the 2 children wasn't even born yet - but He knew. The months and years of silence were for a reason. Also, the growth in our bio kids has been amazing especially in the last few months. The responsibility and maturity they are each showing is so encouraging. We know they will be a huge help - much bigger than they would have been able to be 3 1/2 years ago. Also, financially, the ways in which God has provided is remarkable. Thank you to Anonymous who left a very generous money order in our mailbox. Thanks to everyone who has supported this endeavor - through prayer, finances, physical help, donations. We could not have done this without each of you.

One last thought - many have asked us over the past few months if we are excited. In a sense yes, but to be honest this has to be one of the hardest things Val and I have gone through. It has at times been scary, frustrating, overwhelming, tiring, and challenging to describe a few emotions. We still don't know how God is going to provide everything needed to travel and bring the children home. I do know that when God brings these children into our lives and we are able to see them and hold them, the emotions will be high and it will be an exciting time.

Until then, we live the lives God has set before us - parenting, working, schooling, churching, neighboring, growing our current relationships. So, if our answers to the excitement questions have seemed less than expected, hopefully this gives some insight. At times I've thought to myself, why am I not more excited. I have come to realize that excitement is not the right emotion. Yearning is probably more appropriate. Val and I yearn to bring these children home - to complete the family God has intended. I often times tear up with huge emotions when I think of our little ones - when I think of the nightmare they have had to live - leaving their family, living in a huge unknown city, seeing their friends leave, knowing they will be leaving everything they know; when I think of them being alone; when I think of our future together...

Thursday we should hear the news sometime in the morning. Once they are officially adopted, we will be able to post pictures. Can't wait.


  1. Hey Guys!
    What a great entry for the first one that I read to be! I can't believe it is happening! We have lived vicariously through you. Much to Leah's dismay... as she would like to adopt as well! She and the boys are excited to meet some new friends! :)
    Know that we are praying for you still and will be awaiting the news...
    Mike, Angie,
    Leah, Joshua, Jonathan, and Jared