Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ethiopia Guest Home recommendation

For those travelling to Addis to bring home your beautiful Ethiopian children we want to highly recommend Ethiopia Guest Home. Our agency guest home which we did see and heard about from other families travelling with us, was quite unacceptable. Our stay at Ethiopia guest home was so much better and cheaper. All seven of us were able to stay in one room with a private bath for $135 a night (This included breakfast and lunch, phone/internet access, cell phone, water, nanny service, and a massage for all adults - we didn't use this).

The better part of our stay there was the people who worked with us there. The care and hospitality they showed was amazing. Siqare's hair was done twice while were there including de-licing. The food was excellent. They talked to the children and showed love to all of our children - both bio and adopted. Our driver, Gecho and translator, Sami were lifesavers. Were it not for them we would not have ever been able to clearly communicate with our own Agency staff. They also helped us in the market, showed us Addis, took us to a leprosy community. They also got tough with our agency, when we needed them to translate the urgency of our situation to them.

Not only did we have a great stay and great service there, but the profits the guest house makes supports a drop-in center that serves 50 orphan/very low income children with education, meals, and medical care. We saw the center and met the director. What a great heart he has - he listened for God's call and answered by following him.

BFAS parents, we had no problem taking Ayana and Siqare with us to stay there. We took them from the care center the first day.

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