Thursday, November 19, 2009

From wonderful to horrible

For those that haven't heard yet, we were denied visas for Ayana and Siquare yesterday. 5 families went before us and all returned joyful and excited. We were the last adoptive family to have our interview and half way through were told that our children - who are legally ours according to Ethiopian law - cannot be given visas because they don't fit the U.S.'s definition of orphan - 1 or fewer parents living. When I asked what we were suppose to do, the supervisor simply said "I don't know. I'm sorry." Thankfully we had some other families from our agency there to help us and support us. Our BFAS agency rep didn't think it was any big deal. We accompanied our new friends to where they were staying. They helped us figure out who to start contacting and let us use their international cell phone. After contacting family and friends and asking for prayer we called our home agency, our House Representative, our BFAS director, who responded initially with "What are we going to do?" And finally I talked to the State Department. From all of the info I can tell, it looks like they should be considered orphaned. We are just hoping that the additional paperwork makes it to the embassy right when they open and that they will move it forward quickly - in time to make our 10:15 flight this evening.

Plan B . . .


  1. We don't know you, but have heard about your situation on the CAFEkids Ethhiopian adoption blog. We are praying for you right now. Please have peace and remember that God does have everything under control.
    Bless you,
    kameron shadrick

  2. Also hear your situation from CAFEkids. I am praying.

  3. We also do not know you but found your blog link through CAFE kids and are praying and lifting up your family!

  4. I found you through CAFEkids too.

    I am so sorry you are going through this. I will be praying things are fixed and that your children are home with you soon.

  5. We're an adopting family from MN. Also have BFAS. I keep checking your blog hoping things have now worked out. I am praying that these 2 beautiful children will be fully yours soon. Before your flight...